Fill Your Faith

Fill Your Faith

Sometimes you probably feel like you just “don’t have time” in the whirlwind of your life you’re struggling to make it through. Between a social life, school, work, and self care, how is there enough hours in a day unless you don’t sleep a wink?! As Christians, we know its so easy to lose track of time in a spiritual sense. Its always “Oh, I’ll read that tomorrow,” or “I’ll pray later.” We have to stop this. Don’t let it take backseat to the rest of your life or else you’ll drown.

Praying. I’m the world’s worst about thinking I need to pray about something, and telling myself I’ll include it in my nightly prayer. NO. We’ve been taught this; no matter what you’re doing, where you are, or who you’re with, take a moment to focus on your conversation with God, and just speak it right then. Chances are, you get on Facebook and see someone who needs prayer at least 5 times a day. They’re not asking for fun, they really need it. So, when you read that FB status, compose yourself in your own thoughts and just ask God to do his work within their life. There’s no question that a more thoughtful, meaningful prayer will make you feel like you actually “prayed good enough,” but sometimes that quick prayer is necessary. We don’t always remember every person and detail that needs prayer when we lay our heads down at night.

Judging. Yes, we argue the idea “Christians judge everyone” so very often, but have you ever stopped to think about how much you judge yourself? I know most of my readers are girls, so I’m sorry if I leave you fellas out in this scenario, but GIRLS!!! Its hard enough in today’s society and theres no question about or way around it. We always compare ourselves to the girls on Instagram, the women on TV, and of course, Carrie Underwood(praise). Please, stop. No, I am not some genius on making these feelings stop because I do my fair share, but the next time you find yourself comparing, just tell yourself to stop. Close the app, put your phone up, and you know what, praise yourself for a few things you like about yourself. Theres nothing wrong with liking qualities about yourself and I don’t know who EVER thought this was a good idea to implement into our minds. Care for yourself, like yourself, LOVE YOURSELF. Yes, He loves you, but hunny, you better start loving too!

Reading. If you read my second blog(Stressin’ Season), then you saw me mention the devotional book I received for Christmas. Pretty Little Truths($10 on Amazon). This is amazing for the girl who feels like she just can’t catch a break and is running around like a lunatic. A weekly devotional thats only about a page long gives you a certain topic to focus on each week. I love this so much because even in the midst of the craziness, you can keep in mind that one characteristic or action that needs work. Personally, I feel its easy for us to push our Bible aside because “we can’t understand all that,” “where do I even begin, “do people just start from the beginning.” Go find a Bible that’s more for your interpretation. I’m almost 23 and still use my teenage girl Bible I bought for church camp. Theres nothing wrong with using a studying Bible thats more engaging for you, and you’d probably find that same kind of Bible to be more inviting to your thoughts and connected to your world. I promise it will be much more beneficial to you if you just try it.

Doing. This is where you have to bring it all together. Its so easy to let comments go unnoticed, let people be criticized, participate in gossip, and just everything in between. Stop. We are all guilty of all of this at some point, and it isn’t who He intends for us to be. Don’t sit around while the bullies do their dirty work. Don’t down other people just because your friends are doing it. Be the bigger person here. It can seem easier to let things slide because “its not your place,” but don’t let that voice in your head stop you from being the person you know you want to be. I know I’m quick to be silent, and I shouldn’t be. Let your voice be heard and spread the love God gives us unconditionally. Be the person everyone knows they can count on, whether it be an acquaintance, family member, friend, etc. Be the person you would want to go to for help.

Now, let me remind you, I push all of this on myself as well. I am not pushing this onto anyone as if I’m perfect in any way, shape, or form. These are all simply my own thoughts on things I need to personally work on, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about it. That’s why I’m sharing this the way I am because if how I feel and the way I see things will help just one person, then I’m happy with myself for this one. Also, I wrote it all down for myself. More as a reminder that I need to keep all of these things in mind constantly. We make to-do lists, jot down reminders, etc. of everything else in our life, so why not do the same with the spiritual side? Our world is being taken over by evil, and we have to stand up and stand tall. PS, please subscribe via email to receive future updates!


The Average Fashionista

The Average Fashionista

No, I don’t think of myself as some fashion guru because I am not. Maybe if I had an unlimited supply of clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses, but I don’t. How amazing would it be though?! I’m fortunate enough to love fashion and work within the fashion world, just still a college student here, OK? I’m flattered by people asking me for fashion advice, and I’d like to think I help them in the best way I can. Even though I may not have the closet I dream of(YET), I try to work some magic!

Let’s be real here… Nobody has that dream closet they want to be crazy successful enough to have because we’re all just trying to make it to the big leagues first, am I right?! (Well, most of us. Thx to my hunnies who are on here that are already there, I appreciate y’all too)

As I said, I’m lucky enough to get to work around clothes all the time. Talk about heaven! Therefore, I’m fortunate enough to get more clothes than I would normally buy as a full time college student. If you know me, you know 99% of my clothes come from the Paisley Pearl. Sadly, my taste is bigger than my pockets, but whose isn’t?!

Favorite brands. THML and Jade are amazing, but praise to THML. I go a little crazy in their showroom, sorry Whit. These are higher end brands, but still not what you’d pay for other brands elsewhere! You get what you pay for though because I still have a THML top that I bought SIX YEARS AGO and it looks brand new. These are the ones I reward myself with. The other brand I’d recommend is Free People, as far as great pieces that are well worth it. For more affordable brands, I lean towards Adrienne and Peach Love. But, PL is my all time fave because the COLORS, OMG. The most fun prints you’ll have in your closet!

Shoes are a struggle for me because I want them all, literally. I don’t buy them as often as clothes, but I try to even it out because you need to have that perfect pair for every outfit, YES. Matisse consumes my closet right now; they can be super affordable, and also super nice and worth the dollar. My fave nicer brands for dressy shoes are Antonio Melani, Gianni Bini, and Jessica Simpson. I ALWAYS find these on sale, hallelujah! Sometimes only $35 a pair. Tennis shoes are my weakness right now, though because the gym fit has to be stylish too! Adidas are my all time favorite, but Nike and New Balance are great too. Again, I always by tennies on sale!

MY OUTFIT: my top is THML and will be hitting the floor when the sun comes out, so be on the lookout! The embroidery on these tops is always amazing, and this one is just perfect. It has hints of mustard in there, hence the pants. My jeans are Angry Rabbit, and I’ve had these things for 6 years and they’re still going strong. I wanted to show different ways to style this for the different styles you have, though. First, I chose the Jessica Simpson heels that are my favorite pair of black heels, EVER. This is for the sassy soul who makes a statement. Second, I chose to pair with my Matisse booties for the more practical choice. If you’re on your feet all day, this is the way to go for sure. Either way, you’d kill the whole look!

Back to the real point- you can kill your style without breaking the bank. For myself, I try to do the responsible thing and wait to buy myself a few things until I know I have nothing else to pay for. I try not to buy too much at once or too close together, and don’t ever let your bank drop over the “perfect pair of shoes.” It is NOT worth it, I promise. Shoes are the number 1 thing I always try to find on sale, at least those $150 heels I’ll wear maybe 5 times. Stay up to date with your local boutiques because I promise, they have the affordable pieces, you just miss them until they’re sold out. Target and TJ Maxx are amazing for the random finds, so don’t sleep on them! Especially for athletic wear-TJM is my JAM!

Accessories may be my biggest pet peeve though, so I’m sorry, I have no advice here. I don’t buy jewelry unless I know I’m getting good quality, and its not a waste of my money. I don’t even buy $5 jewelry if I think its gonna fall apart. Not to sound snooty, I just can’t. It may sound so great, but to spend $5, 10 times to replace the same earrings. Go buy those Sheila’s that they’ll REPLACE for you. Personally, I’d rather have a few good pieces that I paid a little extra for, than a ton of stuff I’ll have to replace next year. SO, Sheila Fajl for the earrings, Betsy Pittard for earrings and necklaces, Buddha Girl for the bangles, Charleston Rice Beads for necklaces. I wear this stuff all the time, and you’d never know it. I’ve had my Sheila’s for 3 years, along with my Rice Beads being close behind, and they’re still perfect.

I know I don’t have any tricks to shopping because honestly, there is none. If you wait long enough, you’ll always miss out on those pieces you really want. Be choosy and pay the extra dollar for the ones you know you’ll wear in a few years still, and keep it cheap on the replaceable items. Take care of your clothes over anything! If you care for them correctly, you’ll see them last longer. That should be self explanatory, but some people just “don’t care.” Keep your shoes wiped clean and your jewelry fresh, even if you have to make it a chore once a month or so.

While I my not have given you the dirt on cheap wardrobes, I hope I helped point you in a good direction! Maybe you picked up a new brand you’ll fall in love with, or maybe you’ll finally go plunder through TJM. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this one! Thanks if you made it this far, subscribe please 🙂


Stressin’ Season

Stressin’ Season

Are you drowning in everything around you?! Life. I know I promised my first blog with real content (not my intro) would be about fashion, but I felt this needed to be talked about first. Stress… as a college student, social butterfly attempter, family member and friend, employee, and everything in between. While many people commend the ones who are fighting to make it through, many don’t realize just how stressful it can be. No, we may not have kids, be in the “real world,” and may have help(those of us who are lucky), but IT. IS. STRESSFUL.

Have you ever had to study 5 chapters of material for a test for 3 different classes in a matter of 2 days while trying to function as a human being, work to make money, and just breath? IT AIN’T EASY, HUNNY. I’ll talk in all caps a lot here because I feel so strongly about degrading the stress we have.

For those of you who feel like you’re failing daily, can’t catch up, and just flat out suck… you’re doing great! Please don’t get down on yourself because as long as you’re trying and you’re doing, which means you are getting there. Honestly, I feel like a failure 5-50 times a day, but I don’t quit, and neither should you. Take a moment to take care of yourself because you deserve it. Buy that $5 face mask, get that pedicure, and just relax because its all going to be okay. But, wait… don’t do all that if you seriously should be studying right now(like me, right now…). Don’t skip those meals you tend to forget about because it isn’t good for your body, ya know?!

My best tip for all this stress we accumulate is a planner! I know it’s so easy to get one, jot all of your assignments from your syllabi down, and then never open it until you’re 2.5 months in and drowning in work. Don’t do that. Don’t be that person. Use your planner to relieve that stress. Open it everyday, make a checklist everyday, and get your crap done EVERYDAY. Even if its simple things, at least you can visibly see everything you’ve accomplished and it was working towards your end goal!

Back to the relaxing. Do this, but not too much. Please, don’t binge on Netflix (or, my personal fave, Hulu) while stuffing your face when you really have major assignments due in 3 days. I promise, your show will still be there in 3 days. Let your fun times be your rewards for being productive! Get some assignments done, watch a few episodes. Make it balance and give yourself the incentive to get your work done!

Eating healthy. I can’t stress this enough. I don’t eat salads for every meal, heck no, do you think I’m crazy?! Focus on a good calorie goal for your day, make sure to consume something for breakfast, and drink lots of water. I get everyone doesn’t “do breakfast,” and my favorite new found joy is Atkins French Vanilla shake. It literally tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, YUM. A great way to not deprive your body, but not have to sit down and eat if you don’t have the time or just don’t like breakfast food. Also- a friend recommended getting a Tall cold brew at Starbucks in a Venti cup, and mixing your Atkins in with it! Can’t wait to try this one.

If you’re feeling lost in school, I’ll say what every teacher says, GO TALK TO THEM. I was the world’s worst about this until last semester, and it changed my entire work ethic completely. Oh, you thought I’ve always seemed so organized?! Sorry. I used to be the girl with an unfilled planner, last minute assignments, and pure stress reeking off me. Not so much anymore because I decided to do something about it! So, please don’t take me lightly when I say all of this because I stand behind it so much.

Another thing I cannot go without adding is my new favorite book, “Pretty Little Truths,” by Mandy Fender. It was a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle, and I absolutely LOVE it! Its a devotional book for girls, but its a weekly devotional and it gives you a certain task to focus on each week. No, it doesn’t substitute for the Bible, but when you feel like you have no time (even though he deserves it all), these quick 1 pages are super easy and good to dwell in your mind and not be on overload!

Last, if you think you’re not “a gym person,” slap yourself on the foot please. Everyone is made for what they want to do. If you want to look and feel better, get up and GO. I’ve always been off and on about the gym, but have made it my resolution and goal to make it my lifestyle. It becomes a habit and you end up feeling like your day isn’t over until you go. Not only is it super beneficial to your body of course, but so much mentally. I have to contradict what I said about the planner, and say the GYM is the best stress reliever. Even if you don’t know what to do, just ask someone, Google it, or heck, I’ll be glad to help! I’ve become crazed about the gym, so I would love to!

Now, back to the ones who don’t understand our stress. I’m sorry. I wish you understood us better, but you’re wrong. Our stress is very real. It makes us cry, it makes us disappointed in ourselves, and it makes us feel like failures at times. Those feelings are real. If you have or know of one of these, just ask if they’re okay and if they need anything. Ask how school is REALLY going because not everyone speaks out. We’re preparing ourselves to step into the real world, and juggling everything we need and want and some, life gets messy.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend, and much love to everyone for all the support. Let me add that my first blog has over 200 views, and its all thanks to you!


And It Begins…

And It Begins…

Hey y’all! First, thanks a million for being here to join me on this journey! You are so appreciated. I’ll try to keep this as short as I can, so bare with me.

I tried blogging back in 2017, but it wasn’t a good time. I’ve taken the time to search, listen, and watch to get to know more about this world I want to make my own. SO, here I am! No, I’m not famous, crazy successful or rich, or anything in between that you think a blogger would/should be. I just love it, love to write, love creating good content, and want to do just that: what I love!

If you don’t know me, my name is Kait(lyn) Goins. A ton of people who do and have known me would even be caught off guard by the last 3 letters on my name, and some have argued newbies that it isn’t my name. I’m from a very small town, Andrews, South Carolina. While many people have their opinions, growing up in a small town has humbled me and made me thankful for the simple things!

When I graduated high school in 2014, I got as far as I could from my small town, and fell in love with Clemson. Sadly, it became too far from home, and I was coming home a LOT. After moving back, I started at Francis Marion, where I still am. Don’t judge! I recently changed my major to Chemistry, and will graduate next May(fingers crossed right?!). I would have loved to major in Marketing or Business, but my science background would put me too far behind. I still love my major, though! Please don’t ask what I want to do when I graduate because if I’ve learned anything by now, I cannot plan more than 6 months in advance.

Aside from school, I have family and friends that I love more than anything. They are the ones who keep me going everyday, and I hope they always know how thankful I am! PS if you see small children all over my social media, they are not mine, but I promise I will still claim them 😉 I work at a boutique in Kingstree, SC, the Paisley Pearl, which is where I get to do most of what I really love to do in life. Talk about a job that’s not a job, but more of a fun and exciting passion!

I’ve been hitting the gym hard, and I try to motivate everyone around me. Seriously… I will encourage anyone who needs it because it really is so self rewarding, and we can all benefit from a healthy lifestyle! Like the gym, my faith is a work in progress, but I try everyday just like everyone else. I am nothing short of the imperfect Christian, but just know that God is watching you, so don’t judge me on that one 🙂

It’s so easy to look at bloggers and think “They think they’re perfect,” and I’m here to say I DO NOT think this about myself. Quite frankly I’m harder on myself than you’ll ever be. If you have negative Nancy on your shoulder, sorry hunny because I beat you to it. These pictures are a taste of what it took to get the “right one,” and it still wasn’t perfect because I critique every detail. I’m here to do what I love, talk about the things I enjoy, and if I can help anyone along the way, then I’m more than happy! I’ll blog about different things, but please feel free to ask to see what you want to read about because if you don’t want to read it, why am I here?!

I told you it would be short, didn’t I?! Oops… still love ya though, and I hope you love this journey I am on! Thanks again to everyone who has kept up with my Insta stories and all of your kind messages to encourage me, I promise I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! Well, I’ll let you go now, please subscribe(enter your email on the right sidebar), follow on IG @ kaitlyngoinsblog, and show the love!