The Most Beautiful You Is You

The Most Beautiful You Is You

Self-love: noun regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

This is probably one of the biggest issues most people face within their character battles. In theory you would think loving yourself isn’t hard, but it is. We pick out so many flaws within our physical and emotional self that create this wall preventing us from truly loving ourselves for who we truly are.

We hear “you have to learn to love yourself before you can let anyone else love you,” or any other cliche saying, but this is so true. Focusing on all the negative about ourselves doesn’t do us any good. Should we try to work on the the things we can fix? Sure, but it shouldn’t define who we are or how we see ourselves.

I wish I had evidence to back up the claims I’m about to make at this moment, and maybe later I will. Lets start from the top. Literally. My hair: not enough volume, not long enough, not the right shade of brown I’d like, too stringy sometimes, not a flawless air dry, too dark to “train”, and not shiny enough. My face: not clear enough because my eczema causes dryness and then acne never goes away, my pores are too noticeable, my eyebrows aren’t arched right, my jawline isn’t distinct enough, my teeth aren’t straight or white enough, my lips aren’t even, my nose is too big, my eyelashes aren’t long enough, my eyes are brown (I wish they were green), and I have an inevitable double chin. My body: my boobs are too small, my shoulders are too wide, my stomach isn’t flat enough, my belly button is too big, I slouch too much, my love handles are too big, my arms and legs are too big, my knees and legs are too scarred up from childhood and sports, I’m not toned enough, my fingers are too boney and long, and my legs aren’t long enough. This list goes on, but I’ll stop here.

This is me, and this is what I see. Most of you probably don’t see me this way, and I’m grateful of that, but it doesn’t change what I see. Some of the things I named can be fixed (and I’m working on), but others just can’t. I try to be okay with that, but there are always days I’m more down about myself than others. These are the days we need to push harder and LOVE it all. Which is hard. Very hard. I’ll sit in the mirror and pick out every single detail on my face and pick at it until I leave a scar or make it bleed. Why? I’ll tell myself, and you can tell me, God made me the way I am and I’m perfect in his image. So why can’t I see that? I question if I take good enough care of myself, if I do the things to keep my looking my best.

Stop assuming that how you see someone is how they see themselves. Yes, that person you stalk on Instagram, you know who I’m talking about. We think that just because we think someone is perfect in every way and flawless, they see that in themselves too. NO. Its so nice and good to compliment someone because it boosts their confidence just a bit more, but don’t lecture them on “Oh, yes you ARE perfect” spiel. I put plenty of people on a pedestal that I’m sure don’t seem themselves the way I do. This mostly comes from physical appearance and perception. All we can do is hope one day they see themselves in the light we do.

Guys can deal with this just as much as girls can, but its no secret this topics speaks volumes to girls everywhere. Even though I struggle EVERY DAY, I’m rooting for you. Find that love, the peace, the energy, and go with it hunny. No matter what you think or what anyone says, you deserve to love every inch of yourself the way God intends for you to. When you find that special love for yourself, you will glow like never before, and oh what a day that will be!

Not only should you love your appearance, but you should love your heart. We emphasize our looks so much we forget to look on the inside.

This is me, and this is what I see. I’m forgetful, and it sometimes looks like carelessness but I care deeply. I care for my friends and family, and would do anything they ask. I suck at time management, and this sometimes looks like I pick and choose who I spend time with, but I don’t. Sometimes I want to help so much, I overload my plate, and then it looks like I just couldn’t do what I said I would. I’m a brat sometimes, and this can look like I’m mean. I don’t pray near enough, and this can look like I don’t love the Lord, but I do. For all of these flaws, I apologize, to everyone in my life. I never have bad intentions, never mean to miss anyone, never want to forget anything, but this happens, and I’m sorry. I try to juggle a lot, and sometimes too much, but we’re all trying to make it happen. I make mistakes.

If you ever feel like you’re on the other end of these situations, instead of giving the cold shoulder or getting mad, ask them if they need anything or some help. Ask if you can just pop over and do nothing with them. I spend a lot of time at home, and it looks like I do nothing to everyone else, but I’m really always busy usually. So, my people coming over to sit with me while I get things done would make me happy.

In every way you can think, love yourself better and harder. You deserve it!!! It doesn’t matter who you are, how pretty you think you look, how pretty you think your heart is, you deserve it. We all do! Above all, let God show you how beautiful you are. After all, he created every inch of you, so he would know. I know this is so hard and can be easy for someone to say “trust God,” but seriously. Wake up everyday and love yourself more than you did the day before.

xoxo, KG

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Stressin’ Season

Stressin’ Season

Are you drowning in everything around you?! Life. I know I promised my first blog with real content (not my intro) would be about fashion, but I felt this needed to be talked about first. Stress… as a college student, social butterfly attempter, family member and friend, employee, and everything in between. While many people commend the ones who are fighting to make it through, many don’t realize just how stressful it can be. No, we may not have kids, be in the “real world,” and may have help(those of us who are lucky), but IT. IS. STRESSFUL.

Have you ever had to study 5 chapters of material for a test for 3 different classes in a matter of 2 days while trying to function as a human being, work to make money, and just breath? IT AIN’T EASY, HUNNY. I’ll talk in all caps a lot here because I feel so strongly about degrading the stress we have.

For those of you who feel like you’re failing daily, can’t catch up, and just flat out suck… you’re doing great! Please don’t get down on yourself because as long as you’re trying and you’re doing, which means you are getting there. Honestly, I feel like a failure 5-50 times a day, but I don’t quit, and neither should you. Take a moment to take care of yourself because you deserve it. Buy that $5 face mask, get that pedicure, and just relax because its all going to be okay. But, wait… don’t do all that if you seriously should be studying right now(like me, right now…). Don’t skip those meals you tend to forget about because it isn’t good for your body, ya know?!

My best tip for all this stress we accumulate is a planner! I know it’s so easy to get one, jot all of your assignments from your syllabi down, and then never open it until you’re 2.5 months in and drowning in work. Don’t do that. Don’t be that person. Use your planner to relieve that stress. Open it everyday, make a checklist everyday, and get your crap done EVERYDAY. Even if its simple things, at least you can visibly see everything you’ve accomplished and it was working towards your end goal!

Back to the relaxing. Do this, but not too much. Please, don’t binge on Netflix (or, my personal fave, Hulu) while stuffing your face when you really have major assignments due in 3 days. I promise, your show will still be there in 3 days. Let your fun times be your rewards for being productive! Get some assignments done, watch a few episodes. Make it balance and give yourself the incentive to get your work done!

Eating healthy. I can’t stress this enough. I don’t eat salads for every meal, heck no, do you think I’m crazy?! Focus on a good calorie goal for your day, make sure to consume something for breakfast, and drink lots of water. I get everyone doesn’t “do breakfast,” and my favorite new found joy is Atkins French Vanilla shake. It literally tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, YUM. A great way to not deprive your body, but not have to sit down and eat if you don’t have the time or just don’t like breakfast food. Also- a friend recommended getting a Tall cold brew at Starbucks in a Venti cup, and mixing your Atkins in with it! Can’t wait to try this one.

If you’re feeling lost in school, I’ll say what every teacher says, GO TALK TO THEM. I was the world’s worst about this until last semester, and it changed my entire work ethic completely. Oh, you thought I’ve always seemed so organized?! Sorry. I used to be the girl with an unfilled planner, last minute assignments, and pure stress reeking off me. Not so much anymore because I decided to do something about it! So, please don’t take me lightly when I say all of this because I stand behind it so much.

Another thing I cannot go without adding is my new favorite book, “Pretty Little Truths,” by Mandy Fender. It was a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle, and I absolutely LOVE it! Its a devotional book for girls, but its a weekly devotional and it gives you a certain task to focus on each week. No, it doesn’t substitute for the Bible, but when you feel like you have no time (even though he deserves it all), these quick 1 pages are super easy and good to dwell in your mind and not be on overload!

Last, if you think you’re not “a gym person,” slap yourself on the foot please. Everyone is made for what they want to do. If you want to look and feel better, get up and GO. I’ve always been off and on about the gym, but have made it my resolution and goal to make it my lifestyle. It becomes a habit and you end up feeling like your day isn’t over until you go. Not only is it super beneficial to your body of course, but so much mentally. I have to contradict what I said about the planner, and say the GYM is the best stress reliever. Even if you don’t know what to do, just ask someone, Google it, or heck, I’ll be glad to help! I’ve become crazed about the gym, so I would love to!

Now, back to the ones who don’t understand our stress. I’m sorry. I wish you understood us better, but you’re wrong. Our stress is very real. It makes us cry, it makes us disappointed in ourselves, and it makes us feel like failures at times. Those feelings are real. If you have or know of one of these, just ask if they’re okay and if they need anything. Ask how school is REALLY going because not everyone speaks out. We’re preparing ourselves to step into the real world, and juggling everything we need and want and some, life gets messy.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend, and much love to everyone for all the support. Let me add that my first blog has over 200 views, and its all thanks to you!